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Seeandbee - Old photos

The Seeandbee was the only four-stack passenger steamer to ever sail the Great Lakes.

The Seeandbee under way. She could travel the equivalent of 22 miles per hour.

The Seeandbee was 500 feet long, the longest steamer on the Great Lakes when she was launched in 1912.

The Seeandbee under way

The Seeandbee at Mackinac Island

An aerial view gives an idea of just how big the Seeandbee was. Note the people, for scale.

The Seeandbee at dock

The Seeandbee checked in at 500 feet long.

The Seeandbee was the largest passenger vessel to ply the Great Lakes at the time she entered service in 1913.

The Seeandbee was designed by master naval architect Frank Kirby.

The Seeandbee sending up massive clouds of smoke

The Seeandbee at dock

The Seeandbee at dock at night, at Mackinac Island.