Historic Detroit

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Marvin Stanton Home

Marvin Stanton, a Detroit clothing manufacturer with a penchant for style, commissioned the construction of his home in the late 1890s. Designed by renowned architect Louis Kamper, best known in Detroit for his work on the Book-Cadillac, this residence marked the inception of what is now the Joseph Berry Subdivision. This area is also home to the Manoogian Mansion, currently the most affluent neighborhood in Detroit.

The mansion boasts several features reminiscent of a castle, including turrets with crenellations. Within its 13,500 square feet, it boasts an impressive total of 12 fireplaces, adding to its regal ambiance. Its backyard extends to what is now known as the Stanton Canal, which flows into the Detroit River.

From 1916 to 1929, Detroit's most esteemed private school, Detroit University School, was housed in this grand building. Among its alumni were future luminaries such as Henry Ford II and G. Mennen Williams (former Michigan Governor) who fondly dubbed the imposing structure "The Castle".

Last updated 27/03/2024