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Austin E. Morey House

Designed by Louis Kamper for Austin E. Morey of Postal & Morey, proprietors of the Griswold House.

Building permits were taken out in July 1903 and the house finished in 1904.

Building specs were outlined in an article from the Aug 1, 1903 issue of the Detroit Free Press:

"The construction will be of white brick with stone trimmings. The roof will I be slate. The building will be finished in the choicest hard woods and white enamel. The reception hall and porches will he floored with mosaic tile and finished in quarter sawed white oak. The dining room will be finished in mahogany. The parlor and music room will be finished in white and gold enamel. The entire second story will be given an interior finish of white enamel. The bath room will be finished in cypress and the den in elm."

Louis Kamper also designed a two story barn in the same year, which comprised of three stalls with carriage, wash and harness rooms. That building now features 1,800 square feet of living space over a 5+ car garage.

Mrs. Lillian Beebe Moray, the last Morey family resident in the house, died on June 30, 1949.

The estate was sold to a new owner in Sep 2023 for $1,040,000 Dollar.

Last updated 01/04/2024