Historic Detroit

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Tiger Stadium - Old photos

Legendary Detroit sportscaster Van Patrick calls a game at The Corner in the 1950s.

The Corner

Tiger Stadium and Michigan Avenue

Tiger Stadium, outfitted for a Detroit Lions game

Tiger Stadium, in its Navin Field days, about 1940

Tiger Stadium, in its Navin Field days, about 1940

Baseball at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull about 1912

Tiger Stadium during its final game, Sept. 27, 1999.

The bleachers and the old scoreboard during the 1968 World Series

The Tigers played in front of a lot of empty houses over their decades at The Corner.

Home plate saw many of the sport's greatest stars cross it.

Opening Day in Detroit is almost like a holiday. Generations of Detroiters have packed the stands to watch the boys in the Old English D usher in the new season.

The Detroit Lions playing at Tiger Stadium.

The centerfield bleachers of Tiger Stadium

Briggs Stadium during the 1940 World Series

The Briggs Stadium offices decked out for the City of Detroit's 250th birthday in 1951.

Briggs Stadium, with its original executive offices and before the light towers were installed