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Olympia Stadium - Old photos

The Voice of Christian Youth Rally at Olympia in 1948

Olympia ushers in 1953

A 1940 UAW rally at Olympia

A 1940 UAW rally at Olympia

A trade expo at Olympia

Tennis at Olympia in 1931

Skating at Olympia in 1935

Skating at Olympia in 1931

Skating at Olympia in the 1930s

The Olympia scoreboard over the ice in the 1950s

A rally for President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Olympia in 1944

Kid vs. Kid: Roger "Kid" Bernard beats Leo "Kid" Roy in 1930 at Olympia

A rodeo in 1938 at Olympia

A religious rally at Olympia

A pageant at Olympia in 1939

A detail of the Olympia's signage and one of its medallions

The Olympia in 1985, a year before it was demolished and about five years after it closed

Olympia in 1980, after the Wings had moved out

Olympia in 1979, its final season

Olympia in 1963

Olympia's marquee in 1962

The Olympia

Olympia's marquee in 1962

Olympia in 1957

A crew prepares the ice at Olympia with the Red Wings famous winged wheel in 1956.

Olympia in 1946

Olympia under construction

Olympia under construction

The Olympia in the late 1920s or early '30s

Future President Richard Nixon at Olympia in 1961

Olympia gets a new floor in 1941.

Joe Louis pummels Natie Brown at Olympia in 1935.

Bob Pastor and Joe Louis spar in 1939 at Olympia.

A 1940 event at the Olympia featuring a Native American theme.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower at Olympia in 1952

President Herbert Hoover gives a speech at Olympia in 1932.

A hockey game at the Olympia in 1937

Figure skating at the Olympia in 1935

An event for Frank Murphy, governor of Michigan from 1937-39, at Olympia

The Olympia in the late 1920s or early '30s

The Olympia in the late 1920s or early '30s

Elton John rocks the Olympia

The Olympia rises on the city's northwest side

Detroiters flock to Olympia

Olympia getting set up for a political event in the 1970s

The Olympia in 1986, shortly before it was demolished

A hockey game at Olympia

The side marquee of Olympia

A crowd lines up outside Olympia

A crowd lines up for a religious event at the Olympia

Much like Tiger Stadium, Olympia had seats with obstructed views of the action.

A full house at the Olympia for a non-sporting event

Cleaning the ice in 1949

The Olympia hosting boxing

The Olympia hosting a black Muslim rally in 1962

The Olympia, hosting basketball

Joe Louis sends Abe Simon to the mat in 1941 at the Olympia.

A political event in September 1931

The view from the nosebleeds

The Olympia hosted much more than just sporting events.

The Beatles perform at Olympia in 1966

The cornerstone of Olympia in the stadium's final days