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Michigan Central Station - Old Photos Keith Jolly

This early 1970s image shows the bridge (walkway) just south of the main concourse, connecting the southeast and southwest mezzanines, which predominantly housed office areas for the New York Central Railroad. The structure facilitated passage between the two areas without requiring individuals to descend to the ground floor and ascend again.

A view at the "Concourse Arcade" from ca. 1973 - looking East to West.

Penn Central train inside of Michigan Central Station in 1973

View at two gentlemen at the "Terminal Soda Bar" in MCS's Main Concourse with swivel chairs that had been thoroughly patched. Photo from 1973.

Photo from 1973 taken inside the Main Concourse.

Entrance to the long-gone "Terminal Coffee Shop". Photo from 1973.

A man sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette inside the Main Concourse in Dec. 1972

Dining Room Ceiling Detail in the early 1970s

Amtrak's updated Train Gate in the MCS Main Concourse substituted glass windows and doors for the previous, very-traditional wrought-iron vertical bars. Photo from 1973.

Looking up inside the Main Concourse

Corner Detail inside the Main Waiting Hall

A stack of record books is piled in front of a blank Inbound Train Bulletin near Ticket Lobby, some labeled "Local Coal, 1961". Signs read "Hertz Rent A Car" and "New York and the World's Fair. 6 Days All Expense (except meals) $109.00. Includes round trip transportation, 5 nights in hotel (double room), 5 sightseeing trips, admission to the World's Fair, a Broadway hit show, the Rockettes, a tour escort and transportation to and from the hotel".

One of the three large light fixtures inside the main waiting Room in 1973

Facing northwest, the view captures the center of the room, highlighting a wooden bench along with the ornate architectural details on the north wall and ceiling.

Another view at Amtrak's updated Train Gate in the MCS Main Concourse in 1973.

This staircase, located at the southeast corner of the ramp leading from the concourse to the passenger corridor under the loading platforms, provided access from the customs areas and station master's office on the ground floor to the viaduct.

A different view at the staircase

A view at the original terrazzo floor inside the 1914 MCS tunnel corridor to train shed. Photo from the early 1970s.

Amtrak 290 at MCS in 1973

This 1973 photo depicts a corner of Michigan Central Station's main concourse, showcasing a photo booth and a shoe shine stand.

Ceiling Detail inside Main Concourse in 1973

Retired Car at Michigan Central Station

Picture taken in Basement, sign on door says "Government Employees Only"

View at Postage Box, old and new(er)

View at a storage room