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Leland Hotel - Photos

Looking up the facade above the main entrance in March 2023

Rising 22 stories at the corner of Bagley and Cass, the Italian Renaissance hotel has certainly seen better days. Here's an image from March 2023.

The Leland Hotel is named after auto industrialist Henry Martyn Leland, who founded both Cadillac and Lincoln.

A diner still operates on the ground floor in early 2023. It is Dagwood's Cafe and Diner, although the name of the former diner, Luci and Ethel's, is still printed on the building's exterior.

The main lobby is an elegant flashback to Detroit’s heyday, with enormous raised ceilings drenched in gold detail and eerie gilded faces peering from the walls.

According to reports on the internet, the building caters to extended-stay guests with furnished rooms and utilities.

The Leland Hotel, from left, Cass Tech, Grand Army of the Republic Building, Michigan Theatre and Book Tower, as seen from the top of the Book-Cadillac Hotel in 2008.

The Leland Hotel, as seen from the Book-Cadillac Hotel in 2008.

On July 20, 2005, the hotel earned a place in the National Register of Historical Places. Image from March 2023.

The Leland Hotel opened its doors with the motto "800 beds - 800 baths." The hotel offered air-conditioned rooms, which was a luxury for the time.

Another view at the grand lobby of the Leland