Historic Detroit

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Hammond Building - Old photos

A close-up of the date carved into the Hammond Building's facade.

The Hammond, bottom left, with City Hall, the Penobscot being built and the Dime on Oct. 22, 1928.

Masons gather in front of Old City Hall and the Hammond Building on June 2, 1937.

Old City Hall with the Pontchartrain, back left, and the Hammond Building, back right, seen in June 1910.

The Hammond, far right, with Campus Martius and the Pontchartrain Hotel pre-addition, far left.

The Hammond Building and the Penobscot in May 1956, shortly before the Hammond was torn down.

The Hammond looking proud in 1956, despite its days being numbered.

The Hammond in 1940 with bustling traffic below on Griswold Street.

The Hammond was the cradle of Detroit law.

The Hammond Building about 1890.

An aerial view shows the Hammond's configuration.

The Griswold side of the Hammond showing some of its architectural details.

An early photo of the Hammond Building, Detroit's first skyscraper.

The Hammond and Old City Hall.

From left, the Hotel Pontchartrain, Hammond Building and Old City Hall in 1926.

The Hammond Building and Old City Hall.

The Hammond, far right. The block at left was razed at the same time as the Hammond in 1956.

The Hammond, left, and Old City Hall on April 13, 1945, in mourning for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Hammond Building in the 1950s.

The Hammond, at right, in 1917.

The Hammond Building about 1900

The Hammond decked out in Grand Army of the Republic regalia in 1891.

A parade marches past the northwest corner of the Hammond. Photo from about 1890.

A look at the Hammond, left, the Federal Building (aka Post Office), center, and City Hall.

The Griswold Street entrance of the Hammond around 1890.

A parade marches past the northwest corner of the Hammond. Photo from around 1890.

Old City Hall, center, newly powerwashed, and the Hammond, left, on Nov. 5, 1946.

The Hammond, left, and City Hall thronged by the masses on Oct. 29, 1954, for President Dwight D. Eisenhower's visit.

Old City Hall, left, and the Hammond Building, back center, on a foggy Jan. 12, 1938.