Historic Detroit

Every building in Detroit has a story — we're here to share it

Wright-Kay Building

This building was originally known as the Schwankovsky Temple of Music, built for the F.J. Schwankovsky Co., a dealer of pianos, violins and other instruments.

It opened Sept. 14, 1891, and was designed by Gordon W. Lloyd. The building was also the site of a number of recitals and concerts until the company went bankrupt in 1909. In what must have been some sight, the City of Detroit seized every piano in the store -- eight in all -- over back taxes.

After Schwankovsky folded, the building became home to Grainger-Hannan jewelers. They soon gave way to Wright-Kay jewelers, which stuck around for half a century.

The building was bought by Dan Gilbert in 2011, and is now home to the Wright & Co. restaurant.