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United Foundation Building

Originally constructed in 1916, this building under went many renovations. In 1952, the building was owned by the Kresge Foundation, who leased the retail space on the first floor to Rollin's Women's Wear. Its cornice was removed in 1958, and in 1960, the face of this building was taken down and entirely rebuilt for the United Foundation at a cost of approximately $500,000. The exterior was faced with vertical stainless steel piers that create a ridged effect.

The stainless steel and glass screen is suspended over the setback first floor entrance to the office building. On the first story, two structural piers and the entranceway walls are faced with small mosaic tiles in blue colors ranging from sky blue to a deep blue. A retail store in the northern half of the building is faced with plate glass.

Ray's Bridal and Formal Salon was located in the retail space in 1967. In 1976 Michigan Consolidated Gas Company had offices in the building. The building was vacant from approximately 1988 through 1997; in April of 1997, the development and construction firm A-Mac Sales and Builders Company purchased the building and located their offices there.

Although identified as a non-contributing building in the Grand Circus Park Historic District, the building as it was altered in 1960 remains a fine example of curtain wall construction.

Recently renovated, the office floors of the building are now occupied, with Sachse Construction in the top two floors, and Bizdom and a Bedrock co-working space on the third and fourth floors.

The United Foundation Building is a contributing building in the Lower Woodward Historic District, which also includes the Kresge Building, the Traver Building, the Fowler Building, the Heyn's Department Store Building, the Bedell Building, the Elliot Building, the Valpey Building, the Frank & Seder Building, the Frank & Seder Co. Building (Albert's), the Woodward Building, the Richman Brothers Co. Store Building, the Grinnell Brothers Music House, the Fisher Arcade, the Himelhoch's Building, the David Whitney Building, the Broderick Tower, the Telenews Theater, the Lane Bryant Building, the A&M Coney Island Building, the Wright-Kay Building, the Kaiser-Blair Building, the Ferguson Building, the D.J. Healy Co. Building, the Beck Building, the Singer Building and the Rayl Building.

Last updated 16/04/2023