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Sherbrooke Apartments

Samuel Ginsburg, manufacturer's agent, Mrs. Hannah Golbe, Walter F. Haass, attorney, and David W. Davis, insurance agent, were among the first residents of the Sherbrooke in 1914. In 1950, the Sherbrooke was converted from seven units to twenty-five.

This three story, buff brick Domestic English Revival apartment building is laid our in two identical halves on the corner of W. Hancock and Second Avenue.The wider street front facade, along W. Hancock, is divided into seven narrow bays. The narrow entrance bay consists of a classical archway at the entrance level and a stylized stone crest at the third story level. The bay is flanked by bays with rows of four double hung sash windows per floor culminating in a shingled frontal gable with wooden verge board and a rectangular leaded glass window. to its side is another tall, narrow recessed bay with ornamental iron balconies covered with a bracketed shed roof. At the outer corners of the front facade is another narrow, tall bay with a molded, steeply gabled parapet wall with decorative brickwork. This corner treatment is also present at the rear of the building, connected to the front by a wide bay with a series of five windows per floor, topped by a shed roof.

Last updated 04/04/2023