Historic Detroit

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Puritan Machine Co.

Much like today, auto suppliers play a major role for Detroit’s auto industry. Puritan Machine Co. was one such supplier, making engines, transmissions and more out of this factory on West Lafayette and 10th Street, which opened about 1911.

The company was founded in 1902 by Alfred O. Dunk, who later bought and ran the Detroit Electric Car Co. after the company went bankrupt following the 1929 crash. Puritan specialized in making parts for automakers that had gone under. Among the offerings in 1917: Abbott, Alpena, Atlas, Berkshire, Briggs-Detroiter, Buffalo Electric, Connersville, De Luxe, Elk, Flanders, Herreshoff, Keeton, Krit, Lion, Marquette, Marvel, Merchant, Peabody, Queen, Schacht, and dozens of others.

A 1914 ad said, “You know it. Something has happened. Another automobile concern busted and Dunk got it."

Today the building is a leather factory outlet store. The name “Dunk Block” still remains above the entrance.

Last updated 25/03/2023