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Margaret T. Fisher Home

Margarete Theisen was born in 1857 in Baden, Germany. After immigrating to the United States, she settled in Ohio, where she married Lawrence P. Fisher in 1876.

The couple had eleven children, among whom were seven sons: Frederick J., Charles T., Lawrence P., William A., Edward F., Alfred J., and Howard A. Fisher. Together, these sons founded the Fisher Body Corporation.

In the 1920s, Margaret T. Fisher lived at 101 Longfellow in Boston-Edison, along with four of the Fisher Brothers, following her husband's passing.

Here's a list of properties which at one point all related to the Fisher Family. They can also be found on Historic Detroit:

Fisher Body 21

Fisher Body 37

Alfred J. Fisher Mansion

Charles T. Fisher Mansion

Edward F. Fisher Mansion

Frederick J. Fisher Mansion

Lawrence P. Fisher Mansion

William A. Fisher Mansion

Howard A. Fisher Home

Margaret T. Fisher Mansion

Margaret T. Fisher Home

William A. Fisher House

Fisher Building

YMCA (Fisher Branch)

Fisher Administration Center)

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