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John Scott House (2)

The structure on West Canfield 640 is the lovely, well-kept, frame home built in 1879, by John Scott, a renowned Detroit architect.

Subsequent to Mr. Scott's residing at this address, he headed a firm with another prominent architect, Louis Kamper. And his brother, Arthur, an engineer, as Scott, Kamper and Scott. They built the magnificent Frank J. Hecker home in 1889-90, on Woodward Avenue and Ferry Avenue.

Mr. Scott also built the Wayne County Building in 1895. heading the firm of John Scott and Company, as well as many other homes for prominent residents.

George Roby, a physician and president of a wholesale druggist supply company and later president of Roby Transportation Company, purchased the above noted home in 1887 from John Scott.

Mr. Roby was also in business with Lewis. C.Jialdo.. Lewis C. Waldo (wife, Mary E. Roby) was the owner of many lake marine transportation and passenger companies. In fact, he named one of his ships the GEORGE W. ROBY.

Later, John E. King, owner of the John E. King Coffee Company, who was related to the former owner, George W. Roby, purchased the home and lived there for many years. Mr. King's wife was the former Ida R. Waldo, daughter of Lewis C. Waldo.

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