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Harry B. Parker House

669 West Canfield, is a beautiful house built in 1885 by the original owner, Harry B. Parker. After his death, his widow continued to live here, until she sold it to Waring H. Ellis in 1895.

Mr. Ellis was a prominent wholesale and retail tobacco company proprietor.

In 1911, Harry A. Lockwood, a noted lawyer with Clark, Lockwood, Bryant, and Klein, with offices in the Ford Building, lived in this home. Mr. Lockwood was a Circuit Judge in Monroe County before moving to Detroit.

Later, the house became known as the "Reindel" residence, because George J. Reindel, co-partner of the George J. Reindel Company, makers of office and home furnishings, lived there from 1913.

Dr. Vincent C. Wall of Wayne State University purchased this lovely home from the Reindel family in 1952 and has spent much time and effort in the rehabilitation of the house and grounds.

Real estate attorney Kenneth Davies has owned the house since the middle 1970s, and has lived here 62 years, since 1958, when he rented an apartment as a Wayne State University law student.

In Sep. 2020, the 5,711 square-foot home was offered for sale for over $1 Million.

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