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Dorothy G. Turkel House

Perhaps the most renowned property in the Palmer Wodds Historic District, perhaps in all of Detroit, is notable for being designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Its distinctiveness and beauty however, extend beyond its creator's fame. Wright introduced the term "Usonian" to describe this style of home, characterized by their modest size, L-shape, use of native materials, and cantilevered overhangs.

These defining features are evident in the Dorothy G. Turkel House. In a 2013 profile of the home for the Detroit News, Maureen Feighan notes: "Constructed from over 6,000 concrete blocks in 36 different patterns and interconnected with steel bars, it's one of only seven Usonian automatic homes Wright designed. It stands as the only one with a second story and the sole Wright-designed house in Detroit."

Last updated 23/03/2024