Historic Detroit

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Detroit Cornice & Slate Co. Building

The Detroit Cornice and Slate Co. Building was built in 1897, and is a rare surviving example of a galvanized steel facade. The Detroit Cornice and Slate Co. manufactured the facade itself and occupied the building from 1897 until 1972, when the firm relocated to the suburbs.

According to the building’s state historical marker, “Metal permitted elegant ornamentation to be rendered quickly and cheaply. It was also convenient when, as in Detroit, there was a lack of stone quarries and skilled workers.”

The building was once home to the architectural firm William Kessler & Associates and the MetroTimes alt-weekly.

Today, Floods Bar & Grill occupies the first floor, and the owner of the building, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, occupies the second and third floor office space.

Last updated 15/03/2023