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Armon J. Fair House

West Canfield 650, a house with a mansard roof, was built by Armon J. Fair, lumberman in 1882. Most likely designed by Almon C. Varney.

He lived in the house until 1885, when he sold it to John M. Gage. In 1892, James Nall, who was in the real estate business and, subsequently, in the furniture business, resided here.

Thomas Murphy and Duncan Stewart, men of prominent in Detroit society, were in residence here at later dates.

Here's a list of houses lined up on the north side of W. Canfield between 2nd Ave. and 3rd Ave.. They can also be found on Historic Detroit:

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John Scott House (2)

Armon J. Fair House

George Prentiss House

John C. Day House

Henry Cowie House

Henry A. Cleland House

Last updated 19/04/2023