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A&M Coney Island Building

This four-story building's architectural presence is that of a frame. Glass windows and spandrels are surrounded by white brick. The darkness of the cast iron mullions and spandrels allows the windows to visually recede. The first two stories on the southern storefront have been altered with aluminum signage and brick. However, the storefront on the northern side seems to be intact as it was originally designed. Its second story window has a painted sign for Designer's Jewelry, and lettering for Furs, Cloth Coats can be seen under the address.

George Simons, a real estate entrepreneur, was issued a permit for the construction of this building on February 19, 1926 (permit # 1738). Its approximate cost was $166,400. In 1931, a new storefront was constructed for the Nisley Shoe Co.; it was then redone again in 1937. The southern storefront was renovated for the Mayflower Coffee Shop in 1947.

In 1952, the northern storefront was occupied by Cobb's Women's Wear. Furs, Leathers and Knits by Mann was the tenant in 1976. The last tenant was A&M Coney Island. Coney Island restaurants, serving hot dogs with chili, are a Detroit specialty.

In the 2010s, the property was purchased by Bedrock and renovated into office and restaurant space.

The A&M Coney Island Building is a contributing building in the Lower Woodward Historic District, which also includes the Kresge Building, the Traver Building, the Fowler Building, the Heyn's Department Store Building, the Bedell Building, the Elliot Building, the Valpey Building, the Frank & Seder Building, the Frank & Seder Co. Building (Albert's), the Woodward Building, the Richman Brothers Co. Store Building, the Grinnell Brothers Music House, the Fisher Arcade, the Himelhoch's Building, the David Whitney Building, the Broderick Tower, the Telenews Theater, the United Foundation Building, the Lane Bryant Building, the Wright-Kay Building, the Kaiser-Blair Building, the Ferguson Building, the D.J. Healy Co. Building, the Beck Building, the Singer Building and the Rayl Building.

Last updated 16/04/2023