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John P. Frazer (1884 - 1972)

John P. Frazer, born in 1884, was a designer, builder and salesman for luxury homes and owner of John P. Frazer Construction Co. He later became president of Frazer-Couzens Company, a real estate development firm with partner Frank Couzens, son of U.S. senator James Couzens. From an article in the Detroit Free Press (1924) we understand the firm of Frazer-Couzens, in 1924, purchased a substantial amount of land in Palmer Woods to build a group of beautiful homes, each one unusual in design, construction, and appearance. At the time it was reported a $2m was invested in homes in the district. ‘The activity, practically all resulted from the operations of the Frazer-Couzens company that purchased, over a year ago, an entire section comprising a great number of the choicest lots in Palmer Woods’. Source: Detroit Free Press, 1924.

John P. Frazer passed in 1972.