Historic Detroit


"Forgotten Landmarks" back in stock!

Mar. 24, 2015

We found a small box of “Forgotten Landmarks” in the ol’ HD HQ. Head on over to the HistoricDetroit.org shop to score your signed copy - PLUS get free vintage Detroit postcards with your order!

Special book promotion ending

Dec. 16, 2014

Gang, so many of you have ordered our books, we’re running low on vintage Detroit postcards! So, starting at midnight Dec. 17/18, we’re scaling back our giveaway promotion a bit.

Instead of getting 10 vintage Detroit postcards when you buy both our books or three when you buy either “Lost Detroit” or “Forgotten Landmarks of Detroit,” you’ll get THREE when you buy the bundle and ONE when you buy a single copy. We’ll try to reinstitute the special offer when we get more cards.

This means you have only about 24 hours to still take advantage of our special offer. Thanks to all for making both the books, and this deal, such a success!

To place your order, head to our shop right here.


Nov. 19, 2014

Just because we haven’t posted here lately doesn’t mean we haven’t been working to bring you more content. We’ve been redoing our postcard section with bigger and clearer scans. We’ve added a number of photos to the galleries, as well as new pages on a slew of places. Check out the “Places” section to see the new additions.

New home section launched

Aug. 20, 2014

We don’t always post updates to the site in this space, but rest assured, we’re always adding new content.

Case in point? We’ve added a new home section, where you can look at hundreds of historic houses in the city. Check it out here. We’ll be adding neighborhoods as time allows.